It’s all about manbags

It’s a fact, British men love their bags

Manbags are fast becoming as popular as the female handbag according to a report by home insurance company MORE TH>N. In the UK, 18.4 million men admit to wearing a manbag, that’s a whopping 80% of British men. Celebrities such as David Beckham, George Clooney and Lewis Hamilton have all been spotted using theirs, and it seems British men are ready to splash the cash to get the same look.

Manbags are not just a London-based trend, the report shows that Liverpool, Leicester and Norwich are the UK’s manbag hotspots. The contents of the average manbag are also a surprise; alongside the obvious wallet, mobile phone and MP3 player, 20% of men admit to carrying grooming products such as hair wax and moisturiser.
As the popularity of the manbag soars, British men are looking to carry their things in style. Keen to make a fashion statement, there are no more battered rucksacks; British men now spend £92 on average on a manbag with those in Brighton spending over £138.

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